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September 03, 2009



This march is a joke. The LGBT community has been so disorganized in terms of leadership. Then Cleave Jones decides to run with this without coordinating with other organizations. It's too bad he and the other organizations can't collaborate. And it is silly to host it on the 10th-11th....two days the Congressmen/women will be gone.


really lori! it's no's going to happen and it's picking up steam. who cares if congress is in session? do you really think that makes any difference at all? they will still see their tv's, they'll still get their newspapers and will still have aides to read them for them!

it's not about them anyway, it's about us...and some of us not-so-funny types will be there instead of ridiculing from the peanut gallery. "oh, woe is me! woe is me...if i can't do it all i'll do nothing."

much love and hope. pj


As a bisexual myself I have to say I really enjoyed this reading. Please keep up the good work :)

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