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September 11, 2009



thank you kitt, it is beautiful. imagine that, a gay saint.

like a lot of christians i've been asked what my vision of heaven it. for me it's quite simple...just following Jesus around all day, loving and learning. if my vision is real a lot of people are going to be shocked at how many saints in that crowd will be gay. i think Jesus' smile will be just as soft, just as gentle just as loving and just as welcoming with them as with all fact, sometimes i think i can feel it already.

much love and hope. pj

Christopher Dombrowski

Who wrote this article? There is some misinformation I desire to correct.


hi christopher. it is my understanding that kittredge cherry author's the "Jesus in love" blog from whence this post originated.

i'd be interesting in hearing what misinformation you feel needs to be corrected here as i put quite some faith in what i read from kitt.

much love and hope. pj


Awesome and a spiritual feeling around this article. I really admire this holy effort.

Kittredge Cherry

Thank you for offering to correct misinformation in the piece that I wrote about Mychal Judge at the Gay Spirituality Blog: “Honoring the gay saint of 9/11.” What corrections do you recommend?

I did a lot of research for this piece because I wanted to honor Father Mychal with an accurate account of his heroic life. I will be happy to make corrections if they are needed. Please let me know. You can contact me through I will also email you directly.

I’m sorry that it wasn’t clear who wrote the post or how to contact me directly. In the future I will try to make it clear.

I don’t understand why the Gay Spirituality Blog doesn’t automatically include a link to my profile with my posts! I recently went to the effort of setting up a profile at Typepad for that purpose, but it doesn’t seem to connect to the blog. It’s certainly a challenge to get everything right!

Kittredge Cherry

Thanks to a quick reply from Christopher, the text has been corrected. Father Mychal Judge was canonized by the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America -- NOT the Orthodox Church in America as previously reported. I regret the error.

I am Proud

Is there a chance to see more such a pictures ? I mean one at the top of the article

Kittredge Cherry

I am starting the process of compiling more such pictures into one easy-to-find place at the Jesus in Love Blog:

I hope to have the “GLBT Saints” section up and running in October, and will be adding pictures of more saints in the coming months before the official launch.

Meanwhile, you can search online for icons by William Hart McNichols and Robert Lentz. We also have some GLBT saints icons on this page:


After Father Mychal’s death, some of his friends revealed that he considered himself a gay man. He had a homosexual orientation, but by all accounts he remained faithful to his vow of celibacy as a Roman Catholic priest of the Franciscan order.....
he had his life, as we have ours!
now he just need to rest in peace!

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