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November 29, 2009



talk the talk and...walk the walk.

and..clayton, you had to pick today to bring THAT to my attention.

it was this morning...i presented "prayers for bobby" at at faith forum session at chruch this morning. the movie is quite moving....but so many miss the point. it's not about bobby committing suicide, it's not about how bad mom felt about's about how THE CHRUCH let everyone down. "their prayers," says the mom, "were silenced"

not that God stopped hearing their prayers, but that the prayers ceased going up. the chruch taught bobby, and many, many others not to pray. that they had no right to pray...that they weren't worthy of God's ear. what kind of sickness is this?

the discussion. what a bunch of smug...people we are. we all looked up and smiled..."not us...we're not like that...just look at us...we're all sitting here listening to a gay/trans/chrisitan leader of our congregation talk to us about being inclusive."

yes....i said...look around...i kind of stick out don't i? look around...we live in a college town....look around...where are the other transsexuals? does anyone know of another?

in bloomington? smiles a professer...ready to tell us all about how his classes are filled with the gender queer.

no, in OUR church.


i stick out. so i asked more...does anyone know of another gay couple in our church?


has someone been being mean to you, pj? don't you feel accepted here?

no...i think...i am about the best treated, most loved token i know of. token.

where are all the rest? i want to know.

well....the choir's not our're proof...we're open and accepting.

i know know that...why the heck did bobby and mommy NOT know that. why aren't we more proactive?

politics, know we're all good politics in church! we aren't going to advertise for lgbt people...if they wanna come...then they'll be treated just like you were.

you're a very special woman're a jewel., we'll take the jewels. ok, not that i'm knocking it...praise His Holy Name i have a chruch...but what about the ones who don't look all shiny and pretty? but don't you people realize that there are people out there being lost? don't you see that we are sending them away by default?

grrrrrr. rant over. if we're gonna talk the talk then i think we need to get up off our butts and walk the walk!

thank i'm all in a tizzy again.

much love and hope. pj


Jason and deMarco impress me as being two very sincere guys who have an uplifting message to all of society about social acceptance, sexual orientation and faith. Too often, being gay and being a person of faith are seen as mutually exclusive. J&D show us by example that the two can coexist and even flourish.


Maybe the two should talk to Marcia Stevens over at BALM ministries within MCC. She practically invented pop Christian music, and would be considered a pioneer had it not been for Calvery Chapel kicking her out for being a lesbian several decades ago.

They could learn a lot from her, and she has her own ministry and keeps going year after year. It's hard work being gay or lesbian and Christian. It's what I call a very undercapitalized business model. Just look at all our bookstores going out of business!

Bill Meltzer

Dear Jason & DeMarco;

God is listing to your songs of Praise and is truly delighted with your work.

God gave you 2 a special talent--Prayer though singing. Singing for God's Glory is one of the oldest forms of prayer in existance.

You both are an inpiration to all people. With time mankind will learn to drop it's prejuices.

When I saw you 2 preform on the Atlantis Gay Cruise I saw 2 people using a very special gift from God--singing. Also you showed a special love for each other that is still going strong today.

Keep fighting the good fight. God has given you both a special mission, but God never gives anyone a task WITHOUT the tools to accomplish the task. Those tools are His love and His grace upon you both.

Peace Be With You Both.

Your friend,
Bill in Key West

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