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November 26, 2009



joe....i think you may have overthought this one just a bit. thankgiving, for me just very simple. it's just expressing gratitude to my maker for giving me the stuff of life. those being: love and hope.

so, much love and hope to all. pj

Joe Perez

Happy Thanksgiving, pennyjane

Kittredge Cherry

Happy Thanksgiving! You may be interested in Zalmon Sherwood's Thanksgiving prayer about gay and lesbian pilgrims. I posted it at the Jesus in Love Blog:


Thank you Joe for your article.
I have never thought of Thanksgiving as a gay centric holiday but your article gave me new perspective.
This past Thursday I gave thanks for a relatively healthy body and yet again will resolve to stop abusively drinking and smoking.
I am not an academic, philosopher or poet; I am just a thirty something gay identified male manual laborer with too much time to think.
Yin Yang principles go through my thought processes a lot; passive, aggressive, masculine, feminine, top, bottom, grace and law; I am a Scorpio and balance is what we seek.
A major obstacle in the way of equal rights is that we live under a Yang regime; maybe not the White House and that is a start but the general populous is very male centric.
There is little appreciation or respect for the Yin energy, the Thankful, receiving energy.
Why is it better to talk than to listen, to to do rather than observe to penetrate rather than be penetrated, yes I said this, I had to put the word penetrate in my comment because I think it's time to talk nuts and bolts about our spiritual sexuality.
Maybe it boils down to fear; maybe men are afraid to hand over the reins because they're afraid women can't drive; because women can't control the strength of the team; because women aren't aggressive enough to handle horses.
Are the horses symbolic of moving towards the future, progress, Darwinian evolution?
This was supposed to be cathartic and it's just turned out jumbled but too much into it now to not post.
Luke asks Yoda in the swamp when will he know the Dark side from the Good and Yoda tells Luke that he will know when he is calm, passive at peace.
Are we to be thankful to be penetrated by the Force, Hasheem, by God Herself.

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