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March 17, 2010



thank you for posting this. it's long overdue in my opinion. christian leadership, especially from the pulpit, has been deaffeninging silent for far too long. the evidence is overwhelming that there is an almost overwhelming need among lgbt christians for support and clarification.

i am not passive here. i think that church leaders who know better but don't speak up are committing the most insidious of sin. they are more than guilty of failing to lead people to Chirst, but they are guilty of an even worse sin...that of driving people away from God. teachers of the Word, as paul says, are held to a higher standard...they need to get it right and get it right out loud.

although i am very accepted in my the only open gay or transsexual, every time i bring up the "reach out" message i'm met with resistance..."we don't want to politicize the issue." i'm a heartfelt presbyterian myself and that vein of thinking is in me too, i loathe politicizing anything that has to do with understanding God. i get it.

but there is a bigger issue here. the care and stewardship of God's children. in my real, day to day life, i run across at least a half a dozen people a day...every day...who believe that christianity and homosexuality or transsexualism are utterly, almost laughably, incompatible.

people....young people....leave the church every day. they are left floundering, without guidance, without hope...of course they lose their faith. only the strongest among us can retain faith with no direction, no support or encouragment. i know, i'm not one of those. when my church kicked me out upon transition i was terrorized...i was scared to death and i did i know what it feels like first hand. and i also know the 180 my life took when i did find an affirming least accepting.

so, from my point of view...the word has to go out from the pulpit...that's where the power lies. all else is gravy. until we get preachers talking about loving ALL God's creatures from the pulpit on sunday morning....we're just holding a finger in the dyke...we won't make things better, we'll just make them get worse at a slightly slower rate.

just one opinion.

much love and hope. pj


"Until we get preachers talking about loving ALL God's creatures from the pulpit on sunday morning....we won't make things better, we'll just make them get worse at a slightly slower rate."

Well said, PJ.


I agree that the church of the right does not do a good job of loving all God's creatures. Jesus' example was to love people whether they be the reviled tax collectors or prostitutes, or high-status pharisees like Nicodemus. He looked beyond human appearances to peoples hearts.

I am an evangelical. I am not gay nor for much of the gay political agenda. However I consider myself an independent politically and progressive theologically. I would like to have a dialog with gay Christians. My purpose is not to dictate my views but to understand.

Here's hoping for a conversation.


hi kent, iam a gay/transsexual very christian woman of the presbyterian faith. i would be happy to engage you in civil dialogue. you can email me at

much love and hope. pj

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