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March 07, 2010



hi clayton. i've been trying to respond to your question in private...but the site just won't let i'll do it here.

why not a magazine here in indiana? there are more than a dozen of us now, three or four of us south of indianapolis. it's kind of hard to see us through all the cornstalks but if you'll yell out, one of us will surely yell back.

i don't personally know much about what's going on outside of the church, but if you're into that sort of thing, then things are really picking up. we got a new more light presbyterian church up in indy...the first in our now gay. lesbian and trans presbyterians have our own sanctuary! then there's the story of the presbytery up north who decided to ordain a gay man....even though he refused to confess celibacy even though he isn't "married". he is in a committed relationship and said that if the state would issue them a license they'd be at the door tomorrow...but in the meantime there wasn't anything he could do about it. sounded reasonable to his presbytery, so...ordained he is.

janet edwards, out in pittsburgh, is finished with her trial in the high presbyterian judical court...having been aquitted on a techicality for performing same sex marriage ceremonies in her church. she said it was exhausting and drained her physically and emotionally...but i sensed that if it happened again....she'd just have to go with the flow.

annie and i recently renewed our vows in the church....not a legal problem because it was a renewal....but what was nice was that the whole church was behind it. 400 souls in good old southern indiana...without objection. when i first asked our (now departed) pastor about it, he just said yes....asked if we wanted a big wedding or just a simple ceremony. i asked him if he was sure session would approve. he told me that he would, of course, inform session...but approval wouldn't be necessary. however; he said that as much as annie and i were loved in this church he was sure there wouldn't be a problem....he was usual. since he had left for closer to home diggs, wendy vanderzee, one of the greatest women in the history of the universe...and an ordained presbyterian minister, performed the ceremony. it was beautiful...everything i'd dreamed of as a little girl and was positvie i'd never get. lots of flowers and beautiful gowns, cake and huggs and kisses and best wishes....wonderful stuff to the max.

so...we've no shortage of stuff for a is blooming in bloomington and if it gets much better i'm gonna have to change my underpants.

much love and hope. pj


Thanks for all the great info, PJ! How far are you from Chicago? I'll probably visit there soon.


good morning sir clayton! miles, tom tom tells me from front door to center of city....237 miles....if you don't mind the toll roads.

in reality? probably no more than a century or two.

but, always looking for good news. about 65 miles up the road lies a little enclave called Jesus MCC where pastor jeff minor delivers God's Word on sunday morning, and blessed are we all, sunday evening. so with that treat along the way, the trip would be much shorter than it might have been. so, keep me posted...schedules permitting it would surely be worth the deminished drive to meet you in person and explore a somewhat universalist happy moment.

much love and hope. pj

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