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July 23, 2010


Rev Fred Feelgood

has any one ever wondered why fred phelps gets so much attention. The reason is simple. He quotes gods words. The trouble is that he doesn't quote them in there entirety.Yes homosexuality is a sin. It is no worse a sin then lying or cheating on your taxes .I think what gets up peoples noses with poor old fred phelps is his picketing. Well when you have homosexuals parading around with pickets demanding equal rights that gets up a few peoples noses also.Imagine if tax evaders and drunk drivers paraded around and wanted equal rights. I think quite a few people would be very upset with that.Sin is Sin and the sooner people realise they are committing a sin the sooner they will be able to turn away and sin no more.


it's too bad, rev feelgood, that you consider love a sin.

people....people in general, gay and otherwise, don't like fred phelps because he is a loud mouthed, ignorant bigot who spews hate from every pour in his foul and evil body.

you have a nice day, hear?

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