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August 27, 2010



idiots? yes, very strong language. paul says some pretty strong words too, about calling someone else a "fool" spirit i'm not at all sure of the difference between your use of "idiot" and paul's use of "fool".

too, i think we need to be careful about miminizing the strength of the muslim movement against the west...both in numbers and in passion. this is no tiny, insignificant minority....the views are out in the mainstream if islamic societies all around the world. we see suicide bombings by true believers so often they have become mundane

rather than fall into the same trap the "idiots" have, that is submitting ourselves to the fear and paranoia you speak of in them, rather than rationalize a defense that merely exacerbates the contention....i'd rather just stick to the other argument you made....that of sumitting ourselves to our own principles...those of freedom and tolerance.

Jesus tells us about how easy it is to love those who love us, and how difficult it is to love those who hate us....He also tells us to love them both as He loves us. it's easy to repsect the freedom of those who agree with us, somewhat more difficult to "respect" the freedom of those who disagree. by respect...i think we should be careful with words like "stupid" and "idiots"....just as we need to be careful with words like "perverts" and "abominations.

as one who has known fear, up close and personal, i can't point to one point of my i.q. having been sacrificed to it. but i have gone down roads i'm not always that proud of in reaction to it. i think fear, in most cases, trumps intelligence and objective thinking. guilty, i am.

religious freedom is, as you point out, sacred among many, many of us...the same freedom that i think allows the mosque (community center)to be built....a half a mile from ground zero or right on top of is, is based on the same principle i think grants the right to those who oppose it's building, without being called names.

fighting fear with fear = more fear

fighting fear with light and truth = light and truth.

much love and hope. pj

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