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September 20, 2010



Thank you for this today.


i just couldn't help but chuckle.

being old and having no memory left, no...i never forget anything, much less who i am. it's a blessing of old age senily, we get to rediscover that little matter each and every day.

as i was skimming along all the existentialism and the psychology of the self and the Self and all...wasn't there a movie like that..."the illiad and the id", or something of that nature?...well, anyway, that's far more than the typical highschool dropout, like me, can comprehend much.

so, in thinking about freedom, a conversaation i had with a woman today came to mind. i asked her (for the third time) if she wanted a ride to church this car is rapidly filling up and i need to know. she answered again, "well, if i feel like it and i can get up i want to go."


which brought up my feeling about freedom, which is really pretty simple...."whatever decisions you don't make yourself, will be made by others or by providence....and neither have a great deal of sympathy or empathy for you."

so, yes....i did get that part...the part about freedom being an action....literally.

thanks for this.

much love and hope. pj

Chris Lemig

Wonderfully uplifting! Thanks, I needed something like this today!

Mary Starr

I think it's good to forget who we and BE who we are.

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