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October 08, 2010


A. Halberstam

Now more than ever, the LGBT community needs to be politically minded to maintain their movement's momentum despite the governmental obstacles seeking to block it. To do so, perhaps they should look to history for help.


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Blaine Andrews

"Bloody September 2010", was rather horrific, and I'm grateful to read of all
the other egregious actions that queer people have had to endure of late!

Many years ago, possibly 30, when I was an "out" teenager ,the movement for
"Gay" civil rights, though it had been around for some time, was still in its infancy!
Inclusive acronyms such as "LGBT" would still be years off. A well seasoned
activist, member of the community, gently pulled me aside and explained to me
that, demands for greater civil rights for gay people, I even believe "queer" was
his word at the time, would never be taken seriously, unless gay people demanded
that all marginalized people be given full inclusion! Though I was far too young at
the time to fully understand all the implications of his statement, it would
become clearer over time. I did not realize it then, but this little lesson,
from a senior member of the community, would start me on a spiritual quest!
I would pour through the mystical teachings of Julian of Norwich, St. Claire of
Assisi, St. Catherine of Siena and many others, until I was able to approach Christ
and his "good news" with a fully prepared heart! The demand that Christ
lays before me, that I find most difficult, and must work toward at all times, is to
love the bigots and the haters! I do fall woefully short, but shall continue to try!

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