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October 05, 2010


Blaine Andrews

As a "theist" myself, I've always found the reaction of my fellow theists to self
proclaimed atheists to be absurd. I've fortunately, long recognized, that important
historical movements have often been driven, or lead by atheists! The "Enlightenment"
is the one that immediately comes to mind. Many of this republics' founders were
deists, and some were out and out atheists. Of the latter, Thomas paine was always
my favorite. When comparing the "New Testament" to the books of the Pentateuch
(Old testament) he remarked that it was a "Farce in one act!". This always engendered
peals of laughter from me, never any consternation or anger! Regardless of any
philosophical disagreements I may have with atheists, they are at the very least
to me, brothers! And I do believe myself to be my brothers' keeper!
May the Lord be with you!

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