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October 20, 2010



I find the issue of someone committing suicide is indeed a hard thing to comprehend, it is such a violent action which raises so many questions for me, one of which is, why would anyone actually do it? Lately, I've been haunted by an excerpt from an article I read recently. I don't recall an explanation for the comment, only that I keep recalling it. I'm not sure why. Perhaps by writing this post, somehow I can come closer to knowing why - the comment amounted to something like this: "... persons who commit suicide have weak souls." A bothersome judgement, right? Could anyone out there help me out with why someone would say this? thanks.

Rebecca Jenkins

Bless you for posting this. The more awareness we can bring to this issue, the more healing. We can all wear the rainbow covers proudly. Love heals!

Blaine Andrews

Yes, I'm deeply saddened that this horrific and profane phenomenon, is
clearly still with us, in this 21st century. However, I am also strengthened by the
many expressions of outrage and disgust that I am encountering from all
quarters, especially from younger folks! When suicide impinged on my life
as a young man, there was almost no such reaction! I am most grateful to
the host of hosts for this change, or rather, paradigm shift in attitude!


Suicides, it's horrible!!! We must do all that we can to prevent them !!

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