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December 16, 2010



hi clayton. this message is one i am, and have been for quite some time, struggling with. in my church....i have found exactly what you point out, (we're certainly welcoming and affirming) but we are stumbling around pathetically when it comes to letting that be known. exactly as your mother teresa orphanage suggests....we've built it and now we're sitting around waiting to be found.

i am contantly in conversation with the leaders of our church about this...but, i confess, i'm not even sure my message is being heard...much less is the immediacy of the need internalized. the presbyterian (usa) church is nothing if not deliberate. the best i can usually muster is, "you're right, pj, this really is something we need to THINK about."...and the deliberation begins without form....and God forbid....none of the zeal we seem to have for mission...such as reaching out to the hungry and homeless. we seem to miss Jesus' point about those who are hungry of spirit being in greater need than those hungry for bread....and those who believe they have no access to the House of God being more homeless than those who live on the street.

somehow i can't make the point with the emphasis it needs. i can't make others see that every day souls are being sacrificed to the darkness....not because our light doesn't shine....but because we shine it only in the confines of our walled sanctuary.

God knows, my own spirit is heavily laden with the access i have to the souls of which you speak. they are everywhere, i see them all day every day.....they are there and ripe for the problem isn't on that problem is an "insider" do i get my individual church to recognize the depth of the do i get my chruch to understand that each day we ponder costs others their lives in the Light?

this is where i am at a loss. i am surrounded by those of whom you speak....i don't need advice as to where to find them...i'm being crushed by them....what i need is advice on how to get my church family to put up a neon sign above our door....."COME ON IN....GOD LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU ARE."

much love and hope. pj

brother Richard Ralston

I'm a gay non-denominational minister in Oklahoma. My main outlet to the world sits here on my tabletop. I reach out to my gay brothers and sisters around the world to tell them it does get better. So, many of them have been injured by churches and "church people" they have left Jesus behind I I find this quite tragic. Let me explain; when I was 21 years old after being constantly harangued, belittled, and disrespected by my "friends" family and Society in general. I shot myself in the head with a 45 automatic pistol. Obviously, I survived yet I survived by the will of God to carry a message I will carry till my dying day that being one of Hope. Hope of a world where All God's Children know they are loved by a Beneficient Creator who looks at ALL His children UNCONDITIONALLY!!! whether they be straight or gay. He doesn't care for He is the One who made us prfect in our imperfection just as he did ALL his other children. I trust in Hopeful prayer all who read this take it in the manner intended. With Love and Hope! Be Blessed! thanks.
Brother Richard Ralston


Love to both of you!

I emailed each of you - hopefully you got it!

Did you see this?

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