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December 09, 2010



As a mental health patient who relies on anti-depressants, I find the intended implication that a placebo like meditation can balance brain chemistry to be irresponsible at best and deadly at worst.


Not only does meditation fight depression, but it helps you connect with your inner self. This connection to your subconscious helps unlock hidden potential, in regard to psychic ability.

Meditation is how we connect with ourselves; I'd expect it to fight depression.


There is clearly a deep seated reason for any person to be depressed, and the subject will always be heavily discussed. I believe yoga and meditation will be very benefitial because it reaches our deeper consciousness. As for the study group, i believe it to be an important method of proof, but it must be better not to take drugs if possible.


Great article, any form meditation is benificial to your health and well being especially for depression, sharing your thoughts with the masses is the best you can do for humanity.

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