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January 07, 2011



I have a student who is a hairbreadth from coming 10. I see some of the other kids in the class making fun of him for being different. I shut it down immediately. Other students make ignorant remarks about queerness and I correct them. I even wore a GSA shirt from a high school I used to work for to class the other day. I make sure to talk to him individually at least once a month and check in that he's doing ok. I only have contact with so many young people and I can only have so much impact, but if I can help this one kid, my job will be complete...for this year at least.


hi moshe. i want to personally thank you, not just on behalf of this one child that you are caring for...but on behalf of us all. the example you are setting has more impact that you can even know.

as strange as it may sound, you are doing something that is are letting the other children know that it is alright to not look down on, harass, beat, demean or belittle gay children. sad, but true...many children are not exposed to such an example. i don't think we can really know how many children would be willing to not bully gay kids...if they just knew it was alright.

that idea might be extrapolated in some of the other children...they might see that if it is alright to not hate them, then...could it be alright to like them too? one child = many children.

God bless you with much love and hope. pj

Turning Winds Reviews

It's definitely important to remind children while they're young about the harms of bullying other children because of their sexual preference. That was so kind of you Moshe, educators as well as parents should be responsible enough to do such awareness like what you have instilled on these children. I'm sure the kids that you protect will grow up fearless to reach for their dreams and will be thankful for people like you.

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