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March 01, 2011


Jesus regularly has compassion on all sorts of sinners but rebukes fear again and again.

Toby Johnson

The Way To Get To Get To Heaven

French existentialist playwright Jean Anouilh proposed a scenario for the last judgment.
The good are densely clustered at the gate of heaven, eager to march in, sure of their reserved seats, keyed up and bursting with impatience.
All at once, a rumor starts spreading: “It seems He’s going to forgive those others, too!”
For a minute, everybody’s dumbfounded. They look at one another in disbelief, gasping and sputtering, “After all the trouble I went through!” “If only I’d known this…” “I just cannot get over it!”
Exasperated, they work themselves into a fury and start cursing God; and at that very instant they’re damned. That was the final judgment. (cited in Louis Evely, That Man is You)

The way to get into heaven is to want other people to get in too. The tragedy of the anti-homosexual stance of most religions is not so much what it does to the gay people. (We can wake up and leave, after all!) It is what it does to the faithful.

If you take Jesus’s prediction of the Last Judgment seriously, he is going to have to say to the Fundamentalists: “Behold, when I was thrown out of the military or was fired from my job or evicted from my apartment, you didn’t care. When I was sick, you didn’t visit me or lobby Congress for research funds. When I wanted to sacramentalize my relationship, you passed laws to prevent me. When I needed civil rights, you vilified me and misrepresented my claims. When I complained about injustice and demonstrated politically, you sensationalized my cause as a fund-raising tactic to gather more wealth into your coffers. When I died, you picketed my funeral. Behold, what you didn’t do for the least of these, my lesbian and gay sisters and brothers, that you didn’t do for me. Because you were not hospitable to these strangers in your midst, heaven holds no hospitality for you. Get thee into everlasting damnation.” (Matthew 25: 45)

Perhaps the reason spiritually-oriented gay people have to work for the transformation of religion is to save the Christians from their own hell-fire!


The real definition of hell is ignorance...and as I hope most people know, ignorance is "sin" or a "mistake" in perspective, and the root of all suffering.

But what is the correct perspective and what is it based on? Could Jesus' suggestion for us to "Know Thyself" have anything to do with the mix? I would think so since our perception is based on how we define ourselves. But when Jesus said to "Know Thyself" he wasn't referring to sexual identity or superficial idiosyncrasies. His statement was directed at our ignorance to what we are as infinite universal beings; very far from our "personal" ways of thinking, which we evidently believe to be most important.

People who fill themselves with fear-based religious dogma miss the point of spirituality entirely. They think they have "right" faith, yet they experience fear. They build a throne of judgment on scriptural misinterpretations involving an image of what they call God thinking they are pleasing "Him". But that image is an illusory projection they themselves have formulated displaying every worse trait of MAN...the exact thing we are not supposed to do (the frightful abomination).

People who believe in eternal separation from God cause their own suffering. They will always feel lack, or that something is missing, or that there is something they must do to gain favor from their idea of God. They feel the way they do because in the design of things it's a signal, meant for them to heed, that they are mistaken. Yet, most do not hear.

Human beings have many lessons to learn at our general stage of evolution; among the greatest is to have the courage to search our own hearts, to truly face ourselves, our fears and perceived flaws as well as the things we deem good. It's the first step on any path of awakening and the only way to move through, and beyond, our little view of who and what we think we are as universal beings.

In my experience with religion I've seen the reverse; instead of looking within, people run the other way really fast and get nowhere like a hamster on one of those wheels; too busy with judgment and comparing themselves to others to know about being still and looking inward. I know about this kind of reactive behavior. I've been there myself. I faced it. The process was difficult. Yet what is true is real and what is real strengthens us, and sets us free.

There is a place within me from where I bless people who live in the self-made prison of fear-based religion. In the realm of repetitive surface thinking, they've lost sight of their soul. My gift is that I haven't, and can extend it to them even without a word.

Chris Lemig

It's refreshing to see this kind of viewpoint getting some attention. There are fear mongers in every faith, but we sometimes forget there are love-mongers too!


@Chris lemig, sometimes its because fear is more stronger that the other and sometimes it always comes first. there are only few people who can think positively first.

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