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March 19, 2011



First, proponents of simply having a "lively dialogue" instead of exchanging thoughtful arguments and following Reason where it leads are, in my opinion, no different than agnostics, who are very proud for not having made up their minds. Look, the dialogues have been going on now for hundreds of years - if you want to understand them, go read about them in your local library.

Second, I believe David Foster Wallace (RIP) was right - anyone who self-describes as a "postmodernist" is an ass. In graduate level English classes "it's just something you don't do". If only this concept carried over into all areas of life. Even I thought I was a postmodernist in college - but then I grew up.

Third, please take the time to read "All That is Solid Melts into Air", by Berman. In this book about Marxism, he describes how everything we've been saying about postmodernism was already said about it's prior movement - modernism.

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