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April 18, 2011



Really great article. I'm curious about the idea that queer people are more tuned in spiritually...

There's growing talk/research about Jesus being gay and recently there are "accusations" that Ghandi was gay.

It's interesting, if anything, and it resonates with me.

Toby Johnson

What makes a spiritual path "better" is that it is the one FOR YOU. "Gay spirituality" --i.e., a spiritual understanding of your life that explains your sexuality in a positive way and encourages in you these traits of courageousness and compassion and that motivates you to a life of service-- is "better" for you if you're gay. Just as a "parental spirituality"--one that explains having children and raising a family as a way of serving--is "better" for people who have children.

The problem, as Robert Taylor points out, is making comparisons and judging one spiritual path against another.

Meister Eckhart said: "All paths lead to God. And God is on them all equally."

What is neat, I think personally, about the idea of "gay spirituality" is that being gay forces us to recognize the variety of paths.

Lots of people buy in to the notion that there's only ONE path, "one True Church," and that everybody else is going to hell. That's a counter-productive belief. It IS "better" to be loving than to be right.

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