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December 01, 2011



I am boycotting as well!


Remember when John Ashcroft and the head of Salvation Army made a "secret" pact that the Salvation Army could fire all gay employees and not help gays in need, then the memo got leaked and someone made tose wonderful fake Salvation Army dollars that explained why they were not getting a real dollar.


I can understand wanting to boycott the Salvos - but I think it would be more courageous and affective to engage even more with the church for the sake of the gay people who are are members. The Salvos's view on homosexuality is the same as most mainstream churches and actually comes from current Roman Catholic understanding of scripture and tradition (natural law). Trying to debate these areas is tough but there are ways to discuss it rationally. The problem is, most people will use every arguement they can to "win the debate" because they have already made up their mind. It's just pure and simple homophobia and bigotry - not a desire to follow Christian faith. If the Salvos were genuine in following the bible they would also condemn soldiers who go to war. The bible says clearly in no situation whatsover are we to raise a weapon against another.

Veronica Davis

I work for the Salvation Army and I applaud your sensitive and brave stand against this company. I have witnessed not only discrimination against gay people but against all people they feel are different. On a daily basis they practice age and sex discrimination and even discrimination against the mental and physically impaired that actually work for them.Most of us cannot speak out for fear of retaliation. So, Thank You for telling the truth.

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