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January 02, 2013




I couldn't agree with your article more. I definitely feel as if the gay community nowadays is not recognizing the spiritual potential latent in them. We need to work together to awaken, as a community, this spiritual potency.

It's interesting because in my spiritual journey as a Hindu thus far I have increasingly turned away from the community because so many people of my generation are not interested in any kind of spirituality whatsoever, as you mentioned (although I have found some kindred souls who have become very good friends). Yet I feel the need to share what I have learned with others in the community but I end up feeling either inadequate ("I haven't learned enough") or not confident ("No one will be interested"). I know, however, that my path calls for serving others, including those in the community, because they too are God, so I need to work around the mental blockages that I have.

Anyway, thank you for a lovely article, hoping to read more from you.

Hari Om

Shokti Lovestar

One year on am pleased to report that the third LOVESPIRIT event, gathering lgbt+ spiritual folk in london, was featured prominently in the news section of London listings magazine QX. The magazine was quite happy to print the invitation to come along and meet 'other spiritually awake queers'.

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