Who We Are

  • Darrell Grizzle
    Darrell is a Licensed Professional Counselor, an ordained minister in the Sufi Healing Order, and a member of the Episcopal Church. He lives in Marietta, Georgia, with his partner Michael, his mystical cat Kato, and way too many books.
  • Dwight Welch
    The director of an ecumenical campus ministry in Illinois, Dwight is seeking ordination with the Disciples of Christ.
  • Huw Richardson
    An Orthodox Christian in Asheville, NC, Huw wrestles with issues of sex, chastity, theology and politics. He has a BA in Integral Studies from the CIIS.
  • Joe Perez
    Joe is the founder and editor of the Gay Spirituality & Culture Weblog. A Seattle-based writer, Joe's books include Rising Up and Soulfully Gay. He also writes the Until blog on integral spirituality in real life.
  • John Ballew
    John is an Atlanta-based licensed professional counselor, a massage therapist and an instructor for the Body Electric School. He follows a spiritual path that he describes (only partly tongue-in-cheek) as Taoist, neo-pagan Lutheranism.
  • John G.
    John is a queer-identified aspiring academic who writes from a Christian perspective. His current interests include exploring and reworking the insights of traditional spiritual texts.
  • Ko Imani
    Social entrepreneur and activist Ko is the author of 'Shirt of Flame: The Secret Gay Art of War', a manifesto on the future of the movement for LGBT equality.
  • Paul Purcell
    Paul's reflections explore the realms of Being and Consciousness and approaching philosophical and theological perspectives from this premise.
  • Richard Bourbon
    Richard is a twenty-something, ex-ex-pat who lived in Paris for two years and now call the Midwestern US home. He writes primarily for a Catholic and Anglican audience.

Retreats, Workshops, Seminars, Etc.

  • Body Electric School
    A school of massage committed to helping men heal themself and others
  • Easton Mountain
    Home of an interfaith spiritual community of men who love men
  • Erotic Massage
    Video teachings for lovers and mindful erotic practice instruction
  • Flesh and Spirit Community
    A progressive Bay Area queer men's erotic spiritual community
  • Gay Spirit Visions
    Atlanta-based men pursuing nurturing, healing heart connection with other men
  • Limitlessness
    Conscious creation seminars, books, CDs, and audio
  • Manifest Love
    An army of lovers working to build a whole new vision of gay male world
  • Q-Spirit
    Empowering queer people to claim and integrate spirituality.
  • Spirit Journeys
    Offers pilgrimages, workshops and retreats specifically for gay/bi men
  • The ManKind Project
    A progressive, gay/bi-inclusive order of men reclaiming the sacred masculine in our time

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